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Haitian Designer Hadascha’s Luxury Resort Wear

Last week  I stumble upon the link to this Haitian Designers website and couldn’t help but immediately fall in love with her line. The line features bold colors, fun fabrics, classic silhouttes, style and comfort. According to the designer, a Hadascha lady will appreciate this love story between woman and style, the effortless chic in this collection & furutre collections is what Hadascha aimes for.

The designer who is just 23 years of age is already making her mark on the fashion world.  Hadascha, who has recently graduated with a Masters in Fashion Design from Paris, France, has proved herself as a Luxury Resort Wear designer. She has just debuted her capsule collection in Miami, Florida where it was a huge success catching the eyes of many a fashion elite and establishing her niche in such a wildly competitive market. The stunning debut collection has taken inspiration from the fictitious marriage of Marilyn Monroe to Tony Montana and all of the wonderful outfits that Marilyn wore on her trip.

It exhibits a romantic edge, combining both the love story of this infamous “couple” and the love story between a Woman and her style. The line exudes an essence of travel, including everything from light, bright, sunshine attire to stylish swimwear, everything that a fashionista would need for the holiday of a lifetime. The theme of travel transpires throughout everything Hadascha, from the beauty of each and every creation to the layout of the creative website, designed to represent a post card.

The masterpiece photographic displays and artistic design captures ones attention and that is before even laying eyes on the spectacular clothing the lookbook has to offer. – source

I am a Luxury Resort/travel Wear designer (23 years old) and I just returned back to the United States from Paris, France upon receiving my masters in Fashion design and management at International Fashion Academy. While there I did a internship in the showroom of Diane Von Furstenberg. I received my BFA in Orlando,FL at International academy of design and technology in fashion design and merchandising. I do resort wear inspired by a classic icon wardrobe on trips, fictitious scenarios that are beautiful. I create these stories so the women who stepped into the garments can make it their own in their journey in life. Hadascha Inc is all about women being classic, luxurious and being memorable. – Hadascha

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