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If you’ve never been to Haiti and thinking about traveling there soon, here is a great Hotel you could try:

Club Indigo is truly a spectacular place to stay if you want an unforgettable vacation back home in Haiti. In this warm and friendly atmosphere on the Côte des Arcadins, Club Indigo is an ideal place to spend weekends, vacation or meet your family. Club Indigo used to be called Club Mediterranean, which was closed to tourist activities in 1999.

Club Indigo has ambitions of renovating this top-quality tourist complex and developing it into a world-class seaside resort aimed at local and international “fair and responsible” tourism. The development projects of Club Indigo represent a major step toward the revival of the tourist industry on the Côte des Arcadins and therefore the sustainable development of both this region and tourism in Haiti in general.

Facing La Gonave Island, between sea and mountain, along a seemingly infinite stretch of white sand beach, Club Indigo is at the heart of a vast tropical park and is a truly serene travel destination.

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