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“The Haitian Polo Documentary” Miramar Screening Recap

Haitian Polo Documentary
Gato, Frank Kastle, Wanda Tima, Alex Pierre-Louis, Dr. Jean Junior Romelus

On Friday, May 25, 2018 with Haitian Heritage Month underway,  L’Union Suite, alongside, Dr. Jean Junior Romelus, also known as DJ Scripz,  collaborated to bring the public a special South Florida screening of  The Haitian Polo Documentary, a film based on the young Haitian immigrant experience in Brooklyn, New York during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Bringing the film to Miami after a short tour in Haiti, DJ Scripz shines a light on the dark truth about growing up Haitian, when there was no cultural month designated for the Haitian community.

Afterward, a panel discussion was held with Dr. Jean Junior Romelus, entrepreneur Alex Pierre- Louis and Haitian rappers Gato and Frank Kastle.  The panelist touched on their experience growing up Haitian, creating their own identities and their personal plight of trying to keep up with the Joneses while fighting to keep their identity against scrutinizes like “boat people” and “Haitian body odor.”

“Bullying was real back in the ‘80s, Haitians were getting beat up to and from school when kids were just trying to fit into that Hip-Hop culture that was prevalent back then. It was important to me to let the world see the struggles we had to endure to simply stand up for our culture when others were trying to break us down,” shares DJ Scripz.

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