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Miley Cyrus’ Sexy Notion Magazine Shoot


Miley Is Really All Grown up and What A Sexy Little Thing She is!

In the accompanied interview the ‘Miley says:

‘I was thinking about dropping the Cyrus and just being Miley, but there’s something powerful about the fact that my name now is like a household name.’ ‘I’m living it to the fullest. Rather than taking a blessing and making it a curse, it’s just like this is what this name is now.’ ‘People have this misconception of me that I’m just one of these kids on TV and that now I go off and party and I’m just this ratchet white girl, and I’m not.’ ‘I work really really hard, I’m just in a different environment. I’m young and living and in LA which is everyone’s dream, you know.’

For the full spread and interview look out for Notion magazine on stands.

miley cyrus

Also, In Miley News, Big Sean wanted someone beautiful and sexy to star in his new video ‘Fire’  so he chose Miley , check out the twenty year old seductive role in the clip below:

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