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News: Haiti’s President Michel Martelly Attacked During Carnival

Haiti’s President Michel Martelly, third from left, jogs around the University of Haiti protected by bodyguards in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Friday, Feb. 17, 2012.

I think The president may want to amp up his security. According to MiamiHerald:

Haitian President Michel Martelly was attacked as he walked in a Carnival procession in downtown Port-au-Prince, but he escaped unharmed, the National Palace said Friday. The statement said only that “troublemakers” who had taken refuge in a university were responsible for the afternoon attack on Martelly near the Champs de Mars plaza. Witnesses told The Associated Press that rocks were thrown at the president and his accompanying motorcade from behind the University of Haiti. Police responded by firing shots in the air and unleashing tear gas. One witness said he saw Martelly hit in the shoulder by a rock but otherwise wasn’t injured.

Martelly “almost fell,” said Stanley Lazard, 25. “Two security guards embraced him and put him in the car. He definitely got hit with a rock.” The presidential office and witnesses both said Martelly was taken without injury to the nearby National Palace. Martelly left the National Palace about an hour later and went on a walk under a heavy police guard, before returning to the presidential residence.

The attack on the president was the second since he was inaugurated last May, and pointed to growing tension between Martelly and his critics. Continue Reading Here

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