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Non Profit Highlight: Edifye Haiti


Our Non Profit organization highlight for today is Edifye.  Founded by Haitian-American Vidith Eugene,  her mission is to combat the cycle of poverty through education, empowerment, and partnerships. Vidith believe the key to rebuilding Haiti is to connect successful Haitians outside of Haiti with the people to commence businesses in Haiti in order to create employment opportunities in Haiti and boost the economy.


Edifye is a non-profit agency working to empower local communities to improve economic conditions in Haiti. The founder of this organization is a young Haitian American woman by the name of Vidith Eugene. She has made it her teams mission to combat the cycle of poverty in Haiti, through education, empowerment and partnerships. With this charity Vidith is going beyond the means of giving to those in need, she is starting an empowerment movement that will break the cycle of dependency. “To really help Haiti is to end the dependency and teach our people how to prosper and to succeed not only in the business of tourism or music. Though we do well in those industries we need to branch out into mass production and international trade to improve the economy in Haiti. This will give real hope and opportunity for the future generations to stay and do great things in Haiti,” Vidith passionately shares with us.

Edifye is the kreyol word for the english word edify meaning to improve by educating. “I love what this organization stands for. Edifye epitomizes the ancient proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” says Davidson Toussaint, the CEO of Haitian Tourism Inc. & Ayibooking.com. Edifye has two Programs, one being The Nwa Project that focuses on empowering adult family members with consistent & fair wages through job creation. The dynamic of this program is that it will be a business that funnels 100% of the profits into building a stronger community in Haiti in which it operates. The second program is called Camp Edifye, which focuses on empowering the youth in Haiti. During camp students & volunteers will be able to tour Haiti in order to build a positive perception of Haiti. While showing them the endless opportunities they have in Haiti if they take their education to the next level and think outside the box. We want to inspire each student to do business in Haiti while having a global mind frame!

Edifye current programs: 

Project Nwa

 The Project Nwa Program is geared towards offering a set of vocational skills to members in the community to produce and sell clothing that will be sold locally and internationally. The dynamic of this program is that 100% of the profits will go back to building a stronger community. Profit funds will go towards paving streets, providing eco-friendly electricity, building neighborhood cleaning and recycling programs, as well as rebuilding schools and homes in the community to be safer – all this while providing families with the opportunity to earn a decent income to meet basic needs.

Camp Edifye

Camp Edifye aims at create opportunities for underprivileged students to gain access to educational resources to improve the learning experience. We will offer programs that engage, empower and inspire haitian students to take their education to the next level, in hopes of taking their country’s future to the next level.  This program also serves as an opportunity for university students to gain hands-on professional experience via internship and volunteer positions with Edifye.  It is our goal to be a refuge for growth and development for Haitian youth who normally do not have access to such resources. Under the Camp Edifye program, we will offer camps and seminars for youth and adults to learn more about their self-worth, build morale, self-efficacy and empower each individual to be confident enough to become what they aspire to be.

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