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Photos: 2014 Dîner en blanc (Dinner in White) Haiti au Ranch le Montcel

2013 Haiti Diner en blanc Courtesy of
The 2014  Dîner en blanc was held in a private location Saturday. According to the pictures of the guest, it was held in Kenskoff, Haiti at Ranch le Montcel  with 700 guest, white clothing, fancy accessories, and creative table settings.
Dîner en blanc is a flash mob dinner, started in Paris twenty-five years ago by ten friends who wanted to dine in a forbidden spot, grew into an annual communion of 15,000 guests and a worldwide phenomenon.

Details about the Diner is undisclosed unless you are an invited guest. Guest fly in from all over the world,  stay at a designated hotel in Haiti, dress in all white and are pick up and dropped off to the secret and private dinner location. The location of the diner is undisclosed until the guest arrive via Dîner en blanc transportation.

Here are some of the pictures I could find on social networks.

Source: @KikiBoul



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  • I am very pleased to see my homeland that I left since a teenager. I was able to see the folks that I used to hang out with . Great job! I am proud to show the dinner en blanc to my colleagues and friends in Boston.

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