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Carimi’s Mickael to Mikaben & Real Reason Mickael Left The Band?


All of these updates in less than 24 hours! This has truly been a day of back-to-back explosive announcements from legendary Haitian band Carimi. According to the latest update from Haitianbeatz, who currently have Carimi booked for an event this month, Mickael left the band to deal with his current divorce from his wife and his temporary replacement in the group is Mikaben.

According to HaitianBeatz

In Carimi’s 14 years of existence both Richard Cave and Carlo Vieux have missed a few gigs with the band, the same cannot be said about Mickael Guirand, he has yet to miss a gig since his debut with the band 14 years. This streak is about to come to an end, as Mickael Guirand announced on Kompamagazine this morning that he was leaving Carimi and the music scene for the moment. Personal reason is cited as the main cause for this sudden decision. For the past few years, Mickael Guirand has been going through a very tough divorce, that according to many who is close to the singer coupled with a few other personal issues, have taken a big toll on him personally.

Mickael is a very private person, and barely share his misery with anyone, including his fellow partners, both Richard and Carlo. His closest friend in the band is the manager Fito, whom he spent many hours on the phone with yesterday before making a public statement this morning. Fito tried his best to convince Mickael to postpone this decision and that the band is willing to do anything to be on his side and help him go through this crisis. But it seems that Mickael’s decision was already written in stone. Early this morning he sent a note to Kompamagazine that stunned the whole HMI…” Effective immediately…. For personal reasons I’m gonna step away from the stage as Carimi” main singer”, he wrote, “This is not really something I wish to go into details with the fans and the media right now, it’s imperative that I get some time off now” explained Mickael.

Mickael urged Fito to make the announcement for him, but Fito refused to do so “he knows that I will never agree to do that” stated Fito, “however, the whole band is with Mickael and will support him on his decision, and will support him in whatever he wishes us to do during this difficult moment” continued Fito.

Mickael( left ) & Mikaben ( right)
Mickael( left ) & Mikaben ( right)

Even though this decision may have been a surprised for the HMI world, it was not for people who are close to the band. The band has been expecting such announcement, even though they did not know how soon, but they knew it was coming. The band even had put together a plan B scenario just in case. According to our sources, Mika Ben, will immediately become the front man of the band, on a temporary basis, just in case, Mickael decides to come back. Mickael Guirand will remain part owner of the band, and will get paid accordingly, the same source told HB. Mika Ben will make his first appearance with the band when they perform at Rutgers University later this week. He will make his first appearance in New York with the band, at Haitianbeatz’ 7th Anniversary party on December 12th in Lynbrook Long Island.

Mickael Guirand is one of the most devoted member of Carimi, he controls all of Carimi’s social media, and has done a fantastic job in doing so. The band will miss a big piece of the puzzle that makes Carimi what it is today. The “Mi” in CaRiMi represents more than two letters, he’s one of the backbone of the band. Very passionate, and willing to throw a few punch when he feels that his band has been wrongfully targeted, either by promoters, the media or anyone else. He’s very respectful to his fans or his audience, a man of his words, never late for an event, always give his 100% where there are 100 people or 1000 people in attendance. Mickael Guirand deserves to take some time off if he wishes to, he has earned this extended vacation. We should all rally behind him and hope that one day he will come back to entertain us once again.

To be continued…


If all of this is true, we pray Mickael the best with his family and this is going to be an interesting change in the original CA RI MI.

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