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Carnival Comes To Little Haiti in Miami Saturday Feb 18th

I’m already getting ready for carnival this weekend, cant wait to share my pictures with you.

CThis Saturday February 18, Little Haiti in Miami will come alive for the first time with a Carnival celebration. The event organized by Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones’s office, aims to replaces “Little Haiti” on the touristic map and reopens the opening of the Caribbean Market Place which was closed in 1997. The carnival also aims to highlight the cultural corridor and the businesses in Little Haiti. It’s a way to bring economic development back, to have people come and make business in the historic Haitian district of Miami.

Music bands will play and “Rara” bands will parade in newly improved streets enhancing the beauty of Little Haiti.

Artiste schedule to perform are Grove Relax, Rara Lakay, Rasin Lakay, Jude Papa Loko, a Conga Band, the Nancy St-Leger Haitian Dance Theater and DJ Griot.

The carnival will be preceded by the event Big Night in Little Haiti, on Friday 17, in Little Haiti Cultural center.

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