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End of the dream of Linouse Desravine, Olympics 2012

According to online sources:

The young judoka of Cap, Linouse Desravine (born February 10, 1991, in Cap-Haitien), flagship of the Haitian delegation at the opening of the London  Olympics is the he only female athlete to defend our two-color in Judo at these Olympics “She deserves it, she has made significant progress […] it is an honor for judo and also for Linouse, because it is the only representative of Haiti who evolves on her homeland,” had declared Fritz-Gérald Fong, Chief of Mission of the Haitian delegation before the opening of the Olympics.

Linouse, who was participating for the first time in Olympic competition, among the best judokas of the world, fully intended to show his opponents, that the victory would not be easy for them, although she was well aware that to win a medal, she would have difficult combat to lead, in light of its potential opponents…

This Sunday, July 29, 2012 in London, in 16th-final Linouse (52kg, 1.60m) faced on the mat, during his first combat,  Bundmaa Munkhbaatar of Mongolia, 26, (52kg, 1,58 m). Despite her desire to win, our national judoka had to bow against Mongolia. The final score of this combat is final, 100 [O-uchi-gari] – 000 ippon in favor of Munkhbaatar, finally putting an end to the dream of podium of our young Linouse.

This is only a first participation, and the Olympics imposes enormous pressure on athletes.  We remain convinced that Linouse Desravine, will again be on the mat, to the next Olympic in 4 years, and she will record this time his name in history, on one of steps of podium. Linouse thank you for the pride we had to see you wearing our bicolor in this sporting event of the highest caliber, courage and good luck, Haiti is at your side and give you an appointment for next Olympics.

Final Results Judo Women -52kg
Gold : Kum Ae An,
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Silver : Yanet Bermoy Acosta,
Bronze : Rosalba Forciniti, Italia
Bronze : Priscilla Gneto,

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