Opening Day of World Series Polo Results: Haiti vs. Australia

World Series Polo

Haiti Polo Team captain Claude-Alix Bertrand and teammates Juan Uranga, Nick Wayland and Roc McCarthy took to the turf on Saturday November 18th to face the home team, Australia, on opening day of the World Series Polo.

Team Haiti scored the first goal, and then went back and forth with Team Australia, tied at 3-3, until tack problems plagued Team Haiti, and Australia pulled ahead to win 6-3 in the first match of the five-week series.

World Series Polo

Team Haiti continues on in the World Series Polo, taking to the skies later this week to fly to Brisbane for a second weekend of polo matches. The Brisbane activities will include matches over the weekend and a combination silent/live auction to benefit Project St. Anne, an education initiative near Camp-Perrin, Sud, Haiti.

World Series Polo

The Polo Series takes place in 5 cities across Australia from November 17th to December 19th. Sydney Nov 17-19, Brisbane Nov 23-26, Melbourne Nov 30- Dec 3, Perth Dec 7-10 and Adelaide Dec 14-17. The world series welcomes the top 10 ranked teams from around the world.

World Series Polo
Claude-Alix Bertrand interview with E! News

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World Series Polo:

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