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[Haitian Music News] Alan Cavé To Records Final Album b/c He’s Runs Out Of Romantic Lyrics

Ladies, if you are a Alan Cave Fan, I have some bad news for you!

After more than 25 years in music, talented singer and writer Alan Cavé revealed that his upcoming album will be his last because he is now running out of romantic lyrics. The gifted composer, who his best known for his sultry voice and smooth lyrics, admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with fresh words to express his personal feelings and thoughts.

“Over the years, my songs were composed almost entirely with no effort put into them,” said the 44-year old songwriter. “But, lately, it seems that I have used up all of the romantic words I possibly can to evoke tender emotions.”

For instance, the singer said that he spent almost an entire week last month at his AC Records studio without seeing his family just to write one line.

“Finally, I wrote these beautiful words and I was excited,” said Alan. “Then, I realized the line was already in my ‘Se Pa Pou Dat’ album.”

Whether Alan can even find enough lyrics to complete his forthcoming album remains to be seen.

“Half of the songs on this album are just me saying ‘uh, uh, and ‘yeah, yeah’ over the background music,” said Alan. “This is definitely not my best work.”

Having exhausted nearly all of his lyrical material, Alan said it is his intention to leave the music industry following the release of the album.

“As an artist and perfectionist, I expect the best from myself and for my fans,” said a teary-eyed Alan who is seeking to retire on a high note. “In the past, it was easy for me to compose a ballad so moving that it was hard to stop myself from crying. Those days are long gone.”

Fans and fellow musicians acknowledge that Alan’s departure will leave a major void in the romantic Haitian music genre.

“Alan’s seductive voice and touching lyrics will certainly be remembered. But, more importantly, his exit raises several questions as well,” said Kompa Historian Etzer Lestin. “Who is going to fill the void? Harmonik? Nu Look? Black Parents? Heaven help us all.”

He better start writing from his friends point of view or something, I have never heard of an artist running out of material how is that even possible?


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