Haiti’s Men National Basketball Team and Game Schedule

2018 Haiti’s Men National Basketball Team

Haiti National Basketball Team is the national basketball team representing Haiti. As part of the playoffs of the 19th edition of the Americas Cup FIBA 2021, the largest international basketball tournament in the Americas taking place in Paramaribo, capital of Suriname from 24 to 30 June 2018, Haiti has made a strong comeback in the world of international basketball.

The Haitian Basketball Federation or the “Féderation Haïtienne de Basketball” (FHB) was founded in 1951 and is a non-government and non-profit organization and a member of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).  The FHB mandate is to organize, lead and develop the game of basketball in Haiti. In December 2015, a new Federation president, Henri J. JEAN was elected, and together with a new executive committee has been very aggressive in reorganizing the Federation to usher in a new era of basketball in Haiti.

Haiti has not competed in a competition in over 37 years since placing 8th in the Centrobasket Championship in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1981 the 1997 Caribbean Cup. The new Haitian Senior Men’s National Team made their “comeback” or “re-debut” at the FIBA AmeriCup 2021 Pre-Qualifiers in Paramaribo, Suriname starting June 24-30, 2018 – marking a truly historical moment for Haitian sports.

Due to Haiti’s lack of in-country suitable sport facilities, the Federation is holding a national training camp in Miami from June 14 – 20, 2018, bringing together the shortlist of twenty-four (24) players residing in Haiti and diaspora amateur/professional players to determine the final player roster for the FIBA AmeriCup pre-qualifiers in Suriname.

The Haitian team, whose players all play outside of Haiti, in American Universities and Clubs in Europe and Central America, is in Group G with opponents: Antigua and Barbuda, Monserrat, Bermuda, and Barbados.

Haiti's Men National Basketball Team
Haitian Men National Team 2018


Game 1: Sunday, June 24 12:30 pm EST vs Barbados

Game 2: Tuesday, June 26 pm 3:30 pm EST vs Monserrat

Game 3: Wednesday, June 27 3:30 pm vs Antigua

Game 4: Thursday, June 28 4:45 pm vs Bermuda

Game 5: Friday, June 29 Semifinals either at 5:45 or 8 pm EST

Game 6: Saturday, June 30 Finals 8 pm EST

All games will be broadcast on the FIBA YouTube channel

?? Haiti Men’s National Team Roster

#0 Hernst LaRoche – PG
#4 David Jean-Baptiste – SG
#5 Jeffry Coby – PF
#6 Jeantal Cylla -SF
#9 Jean “Frantz” Massenat-PG
#11 Farnold Degand – PG
#18 Antoine Joseph – SG
#20 Clide Geffrard Jr – SF
#22 Marvin Dominique – PF
#24 Kervin Bristol – C
#25 Carrell Joseph – SF

Starting Five in BOLD letters

0 Hernst Laroche 185-PG-89 Hispano Am. Argentina
4 David Jean-Baptiste 185-G-98 Chattanooga USA
5 Jeff Coby 203-F-94 Cambados Spain
6 Jeantal Cylla 201-F-96 NC-Wilmington USA
8 Carrel Joseph 198-F-95 Cortland St. USA
9 Jean Massenat
11 Farnold Degand 193-G-88 Z*Montreal J. Canada
18 Joseph Antoine 203-PF-84 11 Lobos El Salvador
20 Clide Geffrard 198-F-94 Union SF Argentina
22 Marvin Dominique 201-PF-91 Sorgues BC France
24 Kervin Bristol 206-C-88 Vytautas Lithuania


Matt Brase Head Coach Rio Grande VV USA
Cody Toppert Assistant Rio Grande VV USA
Nick Friedman Assistant Maine RC USA



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