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Haitian Rapper to Watch Zoey Dollaz

zoeydollazzz33Name:  Zoey Dollaz

Location: Miami , Fl

Where did you grow up?: Carrefour Haiti but moved back to the United States at December 2013

Your Favorite Artist: Jay-z

Most Recent Song or Video:  She rather party

EPs, mix tapes, and albums you have under your belt?:

I have 3 projects released already one EP is included in that

What influences your music? : Real life situations I go through so I put them into my music

Favorite lyric from  your music: I’m the hottest N**** around these N**** is out of flames

Upcoming Project?: I’m about to release my newest project which is titled Who Don’t Like Dollaz.

Out of all your music you have made what songs you feel are your favorites:

One of my favorite songs is my new single that’s about to release which is titled Anything

If you could deliver one message to the Haitian music public what would it be?

More of us Haitians need to be more out there instead of being so unknown and we need to show how much more we have to offer other than being what the media show us to be.

Facebook : Zoey Dollaz
Twitter : ZoeyDollaz
Instagram : ZoeyDollazzz
Website : www.ZoeyDollazzz.com

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