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Video Highlight : Guatemala 0 Haiti Women’s Football 1

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If you haven’t been paying attention. A few weeks ago, I posted this story of the Haitian women soccer team asking for donations to make it to the qualifiers for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. One of the quotes from the article was,

“The Haitian people don’t believe in us,” said goalkeeper Geralda Saintilus, 28. “They say we’re not good enough. We’ll try to prove them wrong.”

I’m not a big soccer fan so unless I’m tagged or updated about the sport, i normally don’t know whats going on. Although it hurts me to hear the team say Haitians don’t care about them, the fact is most of us  Haitians aren’t posting about them on our social networks or blogs. Since that article, I’ve been trying to follow and keep up with their journey to the world cup and they are out to prove everyone wrong and make us proud. Earlier today the women played and beat Guatemala. Guatemala 0 Haiti 1 scored by Lindsay Zullo.


 I will do my best to keep you updated and I found this great Facebook Fanpage you can follow to keep up with the team.

Here is the video highlight from Haiti Futbol Facebook page.

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