How Haitians Make Ramon Noodle Soup…

Anyone on a budget or a college student know all too very well the importance of a bag of chicken Ramon noodle soup. I remember eating a pack of these a day in college when I couldn’t afford anything else to eat, but count on a Haitian mother to take a twenty five cent  bag of noodles and turn it into a meal of substance.

 I was suffering from a cold one day and handed my mom a bag of Ramon soup to make for me, when she return, I thought she had taken a trip to the nearest food market to get me something healthier, but when she looked at me and said this is ramon noodles, I could not believe it.  After diving into her bowl of what she referred to as Haitian styled Ramon noodles, I never made another regular bowl of noodles again.  What’s amazing is until I spoke to other Haitians I thought my mother was the only one who made it this way.

Although all Haitians make slight changes and add other things to theirs,  My Bowls Below were made by adding: Spinach, Watercress, Minced Onions, Carrots, Maggie, Tomato Paste, Tomatoes and Celery.


How do you make yours?

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