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Indiana’s First Haitian Music Festival Is Scheduled For June 24

Indiana Music FestivalWritten by Mitzy Jastram

A Haitian Music Festival is coming to Indiana for the first time!

Hosted by Ley Entertainment, on June 24, the entertainment group is bringing the best of the best of Haitian entertainment for an unforgettable day with family, friends, and colleagues.

Founded in 2019 by Haitian entrepreneur, promoter, and Mayor candidate of Croix des Bouquets, Woodolf Pluviose, hopes this festive and unifying event will bring the Haitian community of Indianapolis together and share the richness of the Haitian culture through an array of music, food, and arts.

We sat with Mr. Pluvioise who provided an insight into what people can expect at the festival.

What inspired you to bring this festival to life?

WP: We created the Haitian Music Festival to be the largest multidisciplinary festival outside of Haiti entirely dedicated to Haitian Culture. We want the public to experience the best of Haitian culture in the heart of Indianapolis every year.

The Haitian Music Festival promotes the creation of social ties and a multicultural audience in an artistic and safe environment. A unique format for Indianapolis, the first event dedicated to local music.

What can the public expect at the festival?

WP: For its first edition, the festival will honor receiving various partners, groups, bands, and artists of the Haitian Music Industry. There will also be live performances from amazing and talented artists such as Izolan, Blaze One, and many other artists. The public can expect this to be an unforgettable experience. We want to bring people together, meet, and if you’re not Haitian, fall in love with a new culture.

Would it be the first time you’ll be doing an event like this?

WP: No, I have been doing events for more than two years now. In 2019, we tried bringing an Afro-Haitian Festival in California that was an experience.”

Let’s talk about the space of the event. How many people can it take and how many people are you expecting?

WP: The space is large, we are expecting approximately 5-7 thousand people that day.

What type of music can the public expect?

WP: The festival offers a quality stage on which DJs, artists evolving in Haiti and the diaspora, take the floor with a line-up of all musical styles: Konpa, Rap, Rasin, Rara, and Rabòday. In addition, you can expect to see dancers, singers, DJs, chefs, artisans, community organizers, and entrepreneurs of Haitian origin.

Will you have vendors present at the event?

WP: Right now, we are looking for all types of vendors such as crafts vendors, food and beverages, and any other vendors that want to participate at the festival.

How can these vendors contact you?

WP: They can reach out to us via email @haitianmusicfestivalindiana@gmail.com and by telephone (317-970- 7789).

You say that this event is a family event, are children welcome?

WP: Yes, definitely. We want the children to be part of this experience and learn more about their roots and culture. We are waiting for you on June 24th, doors will open from 10 AM to 2 AM at 1202 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46205. Ley Entertainment is happy to welcome you and your family to witness an amazing show!

Indiana Music Festival

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