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How to Double Your Mom’s Retirement Income

Written by Lawrence Gonzalez, CFE and Financial Literacy Educator

Oooh Stats

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Based on the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2018, the average American household (those north of 65 years old) pulled in $48,000 of retirement income and expensed $46,000. All things considered that’s not half bad if you are average, you are likely breaking even. The average retirement saving portfolio holds $100,000 (rounded up from $95,000).

Under further scrutiny (nerdy words), those household owe at least $66,000 in debt. The majority of that debt falls under their primary mortgage with $9,000 on revolving credit card debt.

The Dilemma: 4% Rule

Per Investopedia, the 4% rule is a rule of thumb used to determine how much a retiree should withdraw from a retirement account each year. This rule seeks to provide a steady income stream to the retiree while also maintaining an account balance that keeps income flowing through retirement.

Using the 4% retirement withdrawal method, a portfolio of $150,000 would net about $6,000 annually (or $500 monthly). Added to the average social security benefits of $16,800 annually, we are looking at a total of $22,800. Just above the poverty line for a household of two people for $16,910. If you can live off of $1,900 per month, it’s not a bad deal. What if it costs more?See retirement withdrawal screenshot below:

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The Fix: Retirement Rental Income

While I don’t recommend it for everyone, this is the strategy that I’ll use to double my mom’s retirement savings income.

I’d use the $150,000 to purchase a rental income property under the multiple door theory. 3 bedroom, 3 bath in a college town rented for $750 per room per month equates to $2,250.00. That’s a larger sum than $500 per month that’s for sure. A grand total income of $27,000 annually. I know what you are thinking what about the risk, liabilities and expenses. I got you buddy. Let’s factor those out:

  • HOA fees: 13% of monthly rental value for $292.50 per month or $3,510.00 annually
  • Property Taxes: Current Average according to the US Census Bureau = $2,127.00 annually
  • Maintenance Fees: 3% of sale price annually for $4,500.00
  • And just for good measure, let’s factor for a occupancy rate of 10.5 months out of the year. Just to be conservative.

The Calculation:

Annual Rental Income of ($27,000 * occupancy rate of 83.5%) = $23,625.00

Annual Expenses of ($3,510 + $2,127 + $4,500) = $10,137.00

Grand Total = $13,488 – *reserves of $1,488 = $12,000 annual profits or $1,000 per month. All while the home increases in value.

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So yep, I’m going with option #2. In the end, they aren’t making more land and this is a great way to build generational wealth. This process might not be for you but if you are the type of person that used to make forts out of couches like I did, you might have a ball with this idea.

Oooh about the intro stats, my mom would net $16,910 from social security benefits plus$9,000 from rental property #1 plus $12,000 from the hypotethical rental property #2. A total of $37,910 minus $2,910 in shenanigans for a round number of $35,000. More than she made pre retirement ($27,000). Yep, if it doesn’t make dollars; it doesn’t make cents.

Never Say I didn’t Put You on Game. Win-Win. Sn. Feel free to comment, I actually respond.

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