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  • My wife is Haitian and I get lot of good information from this site to help me see a lot of the things that she tell me about the county and the people. We are not from Miami but we have a lot of friends and family in the area.

  • I love it very creative I was in sheepheadbay and i saw a women look excatly like my Grandmothe i was in shock she ‘s Haitian her name is Jacqulin I cry everyday when i think about it because. my Grandmother was raised with other people when she was nine they told her that her mother died she told me she have sisters and brothers she try to find them could not find them. I love my Grandma she was born on October 18 1912 my roots are Jamaican, CostaRica ,Panama she look everywhere but didn’t think of Haiti i would love to find her again to show my family. thats’ why Iam glad to see this Vintage maybe i would seesomeone who looks like her Thank you for showing the vintage and showing the beauty of Haiti and the people of Haiti.

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