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Blackburn “Clintons Helped Themselves, Not The People Of Haiti”

Former U.S. President Clinton greets Haitians during his visit to a U.N. base in Port-au-Prince

The Clinton’s and Haiti is back in the news and the topic is still on whether or not the Clinton’s took advantage of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.According to Pam Key From BreitBrat

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said the Clintons did not do good work in Haiti, but instead used the tragic 2010 earthquake funds to fill their friends’ pockets. Blackburn explained when the government of Haiti set up the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), and named Bill Clinton as co-chair is when the “tangled web” began, leaving many complaints unanswered at the time.

“It is just amazing when you look at this tangled web they have woven,” she said. “The State Department, with Secretary Clinton in charge, decides they’re going to embark on what is termed Operation Gold Rush. They put money in there though U.S. aid to help with having Haiti stand up on their own two feet.”

She added, “Bill Clinton comes in to serve as co-chair of the IHRC, which is the Haiti Relief Commission, and all of a sudden, what do you have? You have all of these companies with Clinton ties that are getting these very lucrative contracts. But, you had people that were also members of the IHRC writing the U.S. government saying, look, the needs of the people of Haiti are not being met and talking about the … corruption, and it would appear from what we have read and heard that really basically nothing much was done about it.”

Blackburn said, “This is going to bite [Hillary Clinton] in the end because she is upside down on her trustworthiness numbers and the American people don’t believe her.” – Continue Reading Here 

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