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First Bus Built in Haiti?


According to HaitiTourism:

Transportation in Haiti is a great industry, since more than 60% to 70% of the population does not have a private car. It is an integral part of the Haitian society at least for now. Being able to build our own buses, how amazing could it be? It was the dream of Jean Paul Coutard 7 years ago, but it is not a dream anymore, it is about to become his reality (80% done). I just saw a video featured the bus and all I could say was WOW. So many talents with just a few resources, but they are committed to achieve their dreams.

I am not a professional bus builder, but one thing I know this young guy should be able to get skilled and financed to produce more buses with professional assistants in Haiti.

If the private sector or the government doesn’t act; a company or someone from the outside will discover this talent and will offer to give him a better education; ultimately, they will hire him to do the exact same thing to benefit other country.In my personal opinion, this first bus built in Haiti by a Haitian should be a new opportunity for Haiti to re-position itself in the Caribbean. Probably it will take more than having a dream, but we have a real example and everybody can see it. Please act and give this man a chance/opportunity to do something that can benefit us all.

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