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Hotel Oasis (L’Hôtel Oasis) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The newly built, Hotel Oasis (L’Hôtel Oasis) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Oasis Hotel symbolizes Haiti ‘building back better,’ and sends a message to  the world that Haiti is open for business,” Clinton Bush Haiti Fund’s Vice  President of Programs and Investments, Paul Altidor said. “For Haiti’s recovery to be sustainable, it must attract investors, businesses and donors all of whom  will need a business-class, seismically-safe hotel.” In addition to sleeping rooms, Oasis will have significant meeting space and other business amenities.

Oasis is creating employment for close to 400 workers in the construction phase, and will create 200 permanent jobs, 75% of them for women. The hotel will source nearly all of its goods and services from local vendors, providing added  economic benefits to the community. Additionally, there will be 12 retail spaces, some of which will sell locally manufactured goods, Haitian paintings, and artisan crafts. Based on its experience and local market statistics, the IFC estimates that each job in a hotel project of this nature in Haiti, generates three indirect jobs in the community.


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