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New Music Mix “The Global Zoe “Bouyon ” Mixed by: DJ Wicked

Like your grandmother’s favorite comfort foods, the creation of Bouyon derived from a combination of love, wisdom, and experience. A mixture of both old and new Island favorites, Bouyon embodies the passion and intensity that so often defines Haitian culture. – The Global Zoe 
It’s new Music Tuesday and we have a new mix tape for you just in time for Miami Carnival and all your holiday parties. This new mix titled  Bouyon  from The Global Zoe, mixed by DJ Wicked is a definitely a nice mix for everything from cleaning up your house to a Saturday night out with your boys or dancing in the car with your girls.

 Like all good Bouyon, this album satisfies every craving and provides healing for the soul. Though spiritually rich, Bouyon is musically appetizing and will leave you hungry for more! – The Global Zoe 

Lets get to know the artist a little more, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is The Global Zoe, I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey but raised in West Palm Beach, Florida.

(Video: The Global Zoe invades Grand Mohe, Liancourt, Saint Marc and Verrettes in Haiti)

In the clip above, you’re in Haiti, promoting your new Bouyon mix what was that experience like?

It was great! The feedback went better than expected. I was able to visit a few radio stations in every city. During these visits we were able to spread the word about the Bouyon project. My YouTube channel has well over 8 Webisodes from the promo tour. On our last night, we were able to host a listening block – party where we distributed music to everyone. From grandma’s to grand babies; Once the dj started playing Bouyon, age was no longer a concern… you just moved because it made you feel good.

What influenced your song selection for this mix?

I wanted to create something that embodied the soul of Haitian culture so that when you listen to the music, you felt as if you were right back home. I had well over 40 songs to choose from, but I knew DJ Wicked would be the perfect person to help me decide on what made the project or not.

What message would you like this mix to deliver to your Haitian music fans?

With all of my music, the goal has always been to create a genre of music [known as Zoumpa] that would resonate with any culture and remain timeless. 20 years from the day of its release. I wanted my fans to be able to turn on a Zoumpa song and feel as though it was their first time hearing it. But I knew that there was only one way for me to make that happen and that’s when I called DJ Wicked. I knew he would be perfect for the job.

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