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New Music Video: LA VI MISTE Haitian Artist BennchoumY feat Beken

 Meet Bennchoumy “THE HAITIAN MC.” In his latest piece, the Haitian artist shed some light on the topic of why is Haiti, the first black republic and also the poorest.

BenchoumY was born (Elien, Ben’choumy on October 20th) in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in the slums of Carrefour or Kafou. Some refer to him as the Ching-Cheeng King, Rap Kreyol King(Negus) and others as the Hardest Working Haitian, still others credit him as the H.N.I.C. – Head NEGUS in Charge. The Co-Founder of the NEGUSWORLD movement along with Joel St. Cilien, which has inspired many to disassociate themselves with the negative connotations of “ni**er”.

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