Photos Of Breakfast From Around the World!

Some Haitian breakfast is mostly made up of fruit such as papaya, bananas, plantains, bread, cheese, yogurt, coffee and juice.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and living in a Haitian home, mothers are usually up as early as 5am preparing breakfast, even if its coffee and a loaf of Haitian bread. I woke up this morning and decided to make an American breakfast while thinking” I wonder what the rest of the world is preparing for breakfast right now.

Well, here is a small assortment to see how our fellow humans enjoy their early morning meals all over the world, there are some similarities of course, but there are also many differences.   Either way, its always fun to try some of these out if you haven’t.



Bacon, eggs, waffles, sausage, coffee.

Grits are usually part of a Southern breakfast in the United States, as are continental breakfasts (below) and cereal.


Croissant, coffee, jam.


Iraqi food of rice, noodles, bean stew, pea soup, bread and eggs.


Ackee, callaloo, Johnny cakes and fruit, at Country Peppa’s


“Genfo” an Ethiopian porridge. (Link)


Similar to French but with more meats and vegetables.


Vietnam’s most popular breakfast made from rice and different kinds of herbs. This is not only simple food but also our culture of food – art. Where do you go to try this?  Everywhere!  Ask your tour guide or any local people and they will show you the one that they normally eat at daily. However, the many Pho 24 or Pho 2000 restaurants are famous with travelers.

Latin Breakfast

Latin Breakfast @ Havana

Three scrambled eggs, rice, red beans, grilled flour tortilla, salsa, sour cream, green onions.


A typical Italian breakfast is a cappuccino and brioche. Italians enjoy a light breakfast, usually consisting of coffee (an espresso or a cappuccino) and a pastry, something sweet. In Italy, breakfast is typically an on-the-go meal or eaten at a breakfast bar while standing.

Indians love their breakfast. Each region of India has a marvelous variety of hot and cold dishes to start the day. Although in the modern cities today, with most family members working, breakfast has usually come to mean a simple sandwich or increasingly cornflakes, you will still find many families enjoying a hot breakfast every morning.
Icelandic breakfast
Swedish breakfast
Moroccan breakfast
Hawaiian breakfast
Polish Breakfast
Brazilian breakfast
Welsh breakfast

A Philippines breakfast

An Alaskan breakfast

A traditional German breakfast

The French breakfast

Breakfast in India

A hearty Scottish breakfast

Breakfast in Thailand

Argentinian breakfast

An Irish breakfast

A Canadian breakfast

Breakfast in Mexico

A Russian breakfast

Breakfast in Vietnam

Breakfast in Peru

Breakfast in Bolivia

An Egyptian breakfast

Breakfast in Japan

Breakfast in China

Malaysian breakfast

Breakfast in Mongolia

Breakfast in Belize

A Hungarian breakfast

A Korean breakfast

Breakfast in Pakistan

Estonian breakfast

Breakfast in Jordan

Breakfast in Venezuela

Breakfast in Colombia

Breakfast in Ghana

Breakfast in Uganda

A Bahamas breakfast

Breakfast in Costa Rica

Breakfast in the Dominican Republic

A Turkish breakfast

I’m sure you are starving now because I am!
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