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The 2nd Annual "Taste Of Haiti' Scheduled For May 9th-May 11th, 2014

According to their Site:

The Haitian Culinary Alliance-USA in partnership with the Offices of Commissioner Jean Monestime, Miami-Dade County- District 2, the City of North Miami, the Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami, and the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida are proud to announce the 2nd Edition of “TASTE of HAITI” which will be held from May 9th to May 11, 2014 during the Haitian Heritage Month at MOCA Plaza in North Miami, Florida.

Since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in Jan 2010, the country has been fighting to rebuild itself from the ashes. The establishment of a new Government, a new leader at the head of our Ministry of Tourism along with the work of many of our Consulates and Ambassadors abroad, has brought nothing but excitement especially with the ongoing efforts to revive and uplift the image of our beloved Haiti.The Haitian Culinary Alliance (HCA) founded by some talented Haitian Culinary Professionals, decided to do its part in the promotion of Haiti and its gastronomy.

Gastronomy is an important ingredient in the promotion of tourism, and as Chefs, Culinary & Hospitality Professionals we view ourselves as ambassadors working at introducing the wonderful flavors that Haiti has to offer to the world.When you talk about Haitian food in the United States, most people think Griot, Rice & Beans, and our most famous Soupe de Giromond. But there is more to our culinary background then just those items listed. Haiti has been influenced by a number of cultures such as French, Spanish, Lebanese, African, Indian and so forth. We are an island that offers an extraordinary variety in our cooking and we want to share our culture with the world.

Below are a few pictures from last year’s event and click here to see more. Click here to check out the site.



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