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According to KreolMagazine,

Jacmel was founded in 1868 by French colonists and is now internationally acclaimed for its vibrant art scene. The town plays host to large numbers of tourist who visit Haiti for its effective tranquility, colourful painted buildings and rich cultural events. Jacmel is also known as the birthplace of many famous Haitian painters and poets and is the home to thriving cigar and coffee industries.

Among the wealth of crafts available in Jacmel there are also artisan shops that sell elusive handicrafts and carved figures made out of wood, perfect for tourist looking to take back souvenirs and keepsakes from the unique city.

Jacmel strives to stay eco and environmentally friendly. This is made apparent in their buildings such as La Colline Enchantee Hotel which relies on solar power to run.  Bassin Bleu is a sanctuary in the midst of the hills of Jacmel, it is considered Haiti’s most famous natural deep water pools. Bassin Bleu facilitates fascinating caves, cool waterfalls and scenic white sand beaches. The attraction receives the most admiration in the South East of Haiti.

Boulevard du Bord de Mer is Jacmel’s latest tourist attraction, the idea of the ocean front boulevard was formed by Jacmel’s famous artisans who creatively came up with the idea to decorate the windy beach path with murals filled with colour.

Jacmel is regarded one of the safest towns in the country, it attracts tourism from those in search of a serene and peaceful get away where they can get lost in the rhythm of the local people and enjoy the beauty that the town has to offer.

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